Don’t understand how it works, don’t care, but I know when it goes through the vortex it tastes different, better”.

E.L. White, Maine


Structure all my drinks.

Thank you.
I am so please with this unit. I structure all of my water, wine and coffee. I enjoy taking structured baths. I bring the unit with me when I travel and use it for breathing while in the car.
I feel better overall and would never want to be without my unit. Since I won this one I am able to share my first one with family and friends. I am rotating it around so others can have this experience.

I would love to give this to everyone I know! I love listening to the conferences and learning about all of the different applications.

I keep many sprayers of water everywhere, bathroom, car, kitchen. I love the refreshing feeling of the spray. It feels great to drink the water and know that I am hydrating on a deep level and protecting myself as well.

I am grateful for this unit, technology and information.
Next up for me is the shower head!



Garden Magic

I took part in a experimental structured garden. No fertilizers of any kind. Just structured water….we had 100% germination of every seed.
Everything flourished, vibrant and abundant.
Plants, birds, butterflies, & me.
Structured water is a gift…for ALL life.
Dianne Jewell


Rebuilding of my body-mind-spirit. 

In brevity, what I can best say about Structured Water (NAT) is that it is and has been the foundation building blocks to my renewed health and rebuilding of my body-mind-spirit.
My underlying health issue took hold of me in fall of 2007 and I did all I could to care for myself. Little did I then know the intricate complications of body-mind-spirit and the healing process necessary.
I discovered/had the privilege of learning about structured (NAT) water in summer of 2013. My b-m-s had already had 6 years of its challenging issue. Since that summer, progress just keeps on going and growing and my being just gets stronger and brighter and happier. I was told by medical personnel that my issue would never be overcome — that the best I could do is manage it. Well, when I got my first test results stating it was negative, my md (who also said “it won’t happen”) said “congratulations, you did it, you are the first”. It wasn’t a perfect road since then as my b-m-s had to detox more of the layers — just like an onion — but I truly have come round and around. Also to add a mention of due to a trip and fall “accident” (if there are no accidents…) where the tibia meets the patella in my left knee received a break. This was not diagnosed for 15 months — the ortho said “I don’t have to operate — it’s healing”. Whoa, was he ever puzzled. I informed him of all that I had been doing — instinctively, intuitively — and definitely know that the water is a true base/foundation. Not that this knee situation wasn’t painful — it was debilitating at times — but I am so grateful to not to have had to have an operation — all those metals and sawing and whoa!
So there you go — Thank You to Clayton for all the love that you have brought to me and others by way of the structured water units. You are a saint in my books.
Much love, Adelon


Amazing garden!

Structured Water does amazing things in the Garden!
Len Nelson, thank you for sharing!


Portable and cut flowers

I use a portable unit and have found that cut flowers from the florist keep fresh for 3 weeks plus in 1-pass structured warm water. More amazing is a recent discovery when I removed a stem of daisy mums after 3.5 weeks in a porcelain vase, that from one of the leaf nodes near the bottom of the stem (the leaf was pinched off to avoid rotting in standing water) had sprouted a cluster of new mint green fresh growth!
Jeanne from MA


Vortex Balances the Water

These are important to give us water in it’s natural state. The structured water unit takes our regular (dead) water and puts the life back into it by balancing it through the vortex, putting the natural spin into it and balancing the water. The health benefits are many as are listed in your website from skin and hair to using less soap and less corrosion in the pipes.

Thank you for a great product!
S. Fordres


Changed my Life

This is my story. Structured Water has changed my life. I go through life with ease and I feel more confident and patient.
I love to tell people about structured water and I used to be intimidated by fear of what people
thought. No More. The benefits are far to great to spend any energy on fear of judgment. I share and I love and I don’t judge. Now people come find me because they can feel the positive energy and love i have for structured water.
Sarah Johnson


Amazing Results!

I have been using my portable DE unit for about 6 weeks now & the shower head unit too. The difference in taking a structured water shower is absolutely incredible. Added to my daily drinking of structured water & after about my second shower, I walked out & felt an undeniably noticeable difference in clarity of mind & energy. It was impossible for me not to be truly amazed at the results which continues on a daily basis. My skin is no longer dry looking – it looks amazing. I feel like I’m standing under a beautiful waterfall with the DE shower head unit – no fear of breathing in anything but pure healthy moisture. I even spray my two dogs with structured water & lavender oil several times a day & of course their water bowl only has structured water too & they love it. They are 7 & became like puppies again!


More Hydrated with Less Water

I have learned that I need to drink less water to remain properly hydrated after I started using the portable structured water unit. I used to drink three liters of water a day, more on days when I exercised. Now I only need two liters a day to remain properly hydrated.

B. Noxon


Apples soaked in Structured Water

I started soaking our store bought applies in structured water (SW) overnight. I’ve been cutting up apples to eat for many years but I’ve never seen them glisten with moisture when cut open, that is until now. Usually I take a piece of apple and eat it and then have to wait a bit before I take another bite, but apples soaked in the SW I can take bite after bite easily. They taste sweeter and juicier and have become a real pleasure.
Ian Roe


More energy!

The ways that it has benefited me and my husband James is we have noticed an absolute increase in energy. And knowing that I had been exposed to heavy chemical poisoning numerous times, I have had to do a detoxification program and I know it is greatly helping me to detox. I would like to continue doing so. And now it is structuring my air 24/7 and I want to continue that. The NAT technology is a huge part of my recovery and it is helping me to become a 100% well-functioning human being.

K. Blake


Mexico and the Portable

We took our Natural Action Portable unit on our trip to Mexico, the main thing is that it was wonderful not to have to worry about lugging 10 days worth of bottled water for 2 people plus doggie down there with us. We stayed at our friends’ beach house where people normally bring their own water or have water delivered. It’s so nice to be self-sufficient with it all, and know we are safe even when washing fruit and veggies and dishes, because when inMexico, it’s not just about drinking the water. (How many people who go down there are going to wash with bottled water?) The water tasted great and felt as good to drink as being at home. We’ve been back for a week now and never did get Montezuma’s revenge or any indication that the water we structured was anything but totally safe to drink. Thanks Clayton!
Love, Victora


 Blessed with 2 Whole House Units
I have become a water snob since being introduced to structured water and the Natural Action Technologies units. We have 2 whole house units installed so I am blessed with structured water throughout my day no matter what I am doing.
Brenda W.
Corn is amazing
Sorry this took so long to get to you.I mentioned my garden when we spoke last. Last year our garden was absolutely the worst its been in years. This year however I used the structured water filter and WOW what a difference. I have never seen sweet corn that has looked as good as ours did. The cobs were huge! A number of plants got planted late, but they all caught up in growth in record time. The structured water has me sold. We planted some cabbage plants at least a month late and we now have wonderful heads of cabbage, the same with our tomato plants! AMAZING! THANK YOU!
Sally Reed, Boyceville, WI
Pain Relief with Structured Showers
Installed the blue shower head yesterday which made my shower have 3x structured water which made the water feel like a caress… it was so soft! I’m really enjoying structured water showers, they help with pain relief so much! So wonderful!
 City Landscaping
I am in Auckland New Zealand.
The story is told by the pictures.
We built a new house and moved in in December 2015. The garden was planted in January 2016. It was a ground zero clay landscape.
The photos will tell the story. I put in a whole house unit which is used for irrigating the garden as well. My wife can’t believe the growth. She thought I had bought some ‘lemon ‘ device. She of little faith!!!
So in one year here is the result from the stark landscape. See the fruit – limes, feijoas, we have lemons, and the small raised garden is full of great vegetables, parsley, basil….
Best Wishes,
Magical Portable

During a prolonged potentially fatal illness, I lost 35 lbs and fifty percent of my energy. My legs were getting weaker each time I walked. I felt like I was on that slippery slope nearing the end of my life, wondering what am I going to do?

I had been drinking structured water for twenty years from two different devices made by two different companies, but I soon discovered that not all structured water is the same.

I purchased the Portable Dynamically Enhanced device from Natural Action Technologies in Arizona.

The Portable DE energetic device arrived on July 6, 2016, and I energized and drank four glasses of water. About four hours later I went to sleep. When I woke up to go to the bathroom the first thing I noticed was my legs were stronger!

I drank as much of this water as fast as I could over the next four days because it instantly rehydrated my body boosting my immune system by changing the hydrogen bonding of the water molecules, it was bringing me back to life! I hadn’t felt this good in 50 years! The Portable DE device would perform this magic in five seconds when you pour any kind of water through the device. Within four days, all the strength in my legs returned.

Not only that but it felt like the hemispheres of my brain were balancing, raising my consciousness, and I noticed that things that normally bothered me in the past no longer affected or stressed me. I called Clayton Nolte, the inventor of the device, I had to know what was happening. He confirmed my suspicion that yes indeed the structured water was balancing the left and right hemispheres of my brain by instantly rehydrating my body. I told him I had been trying for forty years to raise people’s consciousness and he did it with only four glasses of water! He laughed knowing that he had succeeded with helping another severely dehydrated person start back on the path to wellness simply by drinking his structured water.

When you pour any water through the device, in just five seconds it neutralizes all viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and radiation! It neutralizes chlorine, and fluoride in the water and water tastes better instantly.

I immediately realized that just drinking this water could help so many people with so many different problems. I also read a book called Water Your Not Sick Your Thirsty Don’t Treat Thirst With Medications by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. who said 90% of all diseases are caused by dehydration.

As I drank more structured water, I eliminated drinks that dehydrate the body such as sodas, alcohol, and coffee I started feeling more energy, better and happier each day it was truly amazing to experience such rapid changes! I quickly realized that this device would clear up most of the issues people had come to see me for, as a therapist.

Listening to N.A.T.’s radio programs, Clayton’s Classroom, I heard Clayton’s researcher Tim Toula say he discovered that you could breathe through the portable unit like they do in yoga sessions called alternative nostril breathing. It would structure the air as you breathed thru the portable unit because there are water molecules in the air, it structures the air just like it structures water! I put a four-inch computer fan behind the unit at night and when working at my desk so I am constantly breathing pure structured air balancing my brain.

What really blew my mind as a therapist with 40 yrs experience in Medical Hypnoanalysis, was when I learned from Tim how to neutralize any traumatic issue in one’s life by putting the Portable DE device up to my ear and repeating a short mantra that cleared any trauma in about two minutes flat!

With this magical portable device, I neutralize stressful problems, and trauma creating a healthier body, mind, and spirit.

Michael Kelly