Structured Living

Water is not just H2O. It’s an amazing complex, living entity.

Some Suggestions for Living Structured



 Wake up to Structured Water
 Drink Structured Water (Add Lemon for extra benefits).
 10 minutes later more water
 Structured breathing
 Shower with Structured Water (add essential oils or Epsom salts).

 Make Coffee or Tea with Structured Water
 Drink Structured Water during Morning Stretch or Yoga
 Bring Structured Water along on your morning walk or jog
 Structured breathing throughout the day for Mental Clarity (and more).
  Take a Structured Water Bath (add essential oils or salts).



Create Your Structured Environment

 Plants (watered with Structured Water)

 Hanging Structured Water Gardens
 Indoor Water Fountains with Structured Water

 Glass bowls with Structured Water placed throughout the home
 Pets bowls with Structured Water
 Structured Air. Portable Unit and a fan.

Use a Whole House Unit, Shower Units, Under the Sink Unit, or Portable Unit.




 Live food
 Store, wash and rinse your fruits and vegetables in Structured Water
 Spray Structed Water on your meals
 Drink Structured Water

Use a Whole House Unit, Under the Sink Unit, or Portable Unit.




Nature Connection

Our ancestors lived a very different life than us.
They lived with the cycles of the seasons and were in tune with their surroundings.

In todays world we are bombarded daily with Electromagnetic frequiencies, microwaves, raidio waves,
Our Connection to Nature and the Earth is essential to our well being.

 Our bodies resonate at the same frequency of the Earth. Staying connected to the Earth and it’s frequency (Schumann Resonance 7.83 Hrz), will benefit your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

 City dwellers can benefit from the effects of trees with just a visit to the park. Brief exposure to greenery in urban environments can relieve stress levels, and experts have recommended “doses of nature” as part of treatment of attention disorders in children. What all of this evidence suggests is we don’t seem to need a lot of exposure to gain from nature—but regular contact appears to improve our immune system function and our wellbeing.

 Being in nature makes us physiologically, less amped. The parasympathetic nerve system controls the body’s rest-and-digest system while the sympathetic nerve system governs fight-or-flight responses. You will find yourself more rested and less inclined to stress after spending time in the forest, or out in nature.


Drink more Structured Water

Unplug from electronics

Shower (Structured Water Shower Units) to remove the toxins collected during the day.

Take a bath in Structured Water (Add Essential oils or Epsom Salts)

Use a Whole House Unit, Shower Units,  or Portable Unit.




Barefoot Connection

Earthing or Grounding
Throughout history, people were naturally absorbing the earth’s energy. Today we are totally disconnected by spending most of our days indoors which contribute to fatigue, pain and poor sleep, which is so common in our world.

The earth’s surface is negatively charged, full of free electrons willing and waiting for us. As human beings eve-ry single one of us is chock full of free radicals that cause inflammation and damage, causing our bodies to accelerate aging and create disease. The earth is meant to be a docking station for us, a port we can plug into to receive a head-to-toe, inside and out neutralization of this inflammation. The earth and humans are yin and yang — just like trees provide oxygen and we provide carbon dioxide, the earth provides negative electrons and we provide positive free radicals and together we live in neutral joyous harmony.
Walking around barefoot outside. If you have a yard, you are lucky indeed and it is the perfect place to go. If you need to, find a park or a garden or even just a tiny strip of grass in the middle of a bustling downtown and kick off your shoes! Did you know that your feet have the most nerve endings per square inch of skin then any other part of your body? And did you know that your feet have the most dense amount of sweat glands then any other body part as well? That is because the foot is naturally evolved to be the perfect conduit for this electron exchange. The quick-est most unprocessed way to treat and release disease? Then you want to directly connect with the earth.

Walk bare foot in water for even better results!
Energy, frequency, and vibration shape our world and the universe alike. Energy runs our existence and a lot of the time we don’t even think about it. It is important that we start to recognize how powerful we truly are and the fact that our thoughts, emotions, and feelings have a direct im-pact on how we perceive reality.




Sunlight is critical to our health. Light builds structured water

Light hits water and separates the charge – creates potential energy and builds structured water which builds your cells.. Sunlight builds structured water in our cells. We receive this energy just like plants.

Start by becoming Aware. Notice your surroundings. Create your environment.


Live Structured!