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Elestial quartz is believed to only come into your life when it is meant to; when you are ready for the crystal and can handle its energy. When it does come into your life, it will provide loving guidance from your angels and the spiritual realm. Elestial crystals are the most advanced crystal technology that exists, as they are the record keepers of ancient times. 

The power of this crystal comes from its duality of being grounded while also expanding energy upwards. Smoky elestial quartz deeply grounds the high vibrations, making it useful for you on multiple levels. It also offers protection from negativity, which is a unique property of this elestial. These healing crystals are also said to help dissolve depression and sorrow.

One of the most powerful ways to use an elestial quartz crystal is to place it in a pot, or other type of container, with sand. This allows the crystal to ground through the earth energy of the sand, while also allowing it to point straight up (sometimes the bottom isn’t flat or the point is off center).  You will be able to harness the energy of smoky elestial quartz on a daily basis, which will help you get to know the crystal and its energy. Place this pot with your crystal in your sacred space, or any room that you feel like needs protective or grounding energy.


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