Wellness Product – Blue Kyanite Wands



Blue Kyanite Wands

By sleeping with it inside a pillowcase, Blue Kyanite can also be used to promote lucid dreaming and astral travel. These Blue Kyanite Wands make wonderful energy tools, and can be used for meditation, body layouts, and manifestation grids.

Blue Kyanite is a stone that is beneficial to be used in bringing down tension and calming disruption. This is also a stone that will help calm and cool those who have a hot temper, giving opportunity for a more harmonious setting.
Blue Kyanite helps the being to think, voice and act the truth, and will encourage it even if at first it is thought as not being necessary either from fear or because of the ego. Alongside this, Blue Kyanite helps to stop its keeper from putting out the wrong actions and energies to the outer world by bringing thought to find composure and think beforehand, rather than afterwards.
A stone that encourages the being to be more intuitive and helps open the mind to new awareness and brings space for possible spiritual growth. Blue Kyanite helps the being to walk through a spiritual path with clarity, but does this using grounded energy so that the self is able to continue to live and learn just the same on a physical level.


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