Wellness Product – Grief Kit



Grief Kit

Blend of Essential Oils enhanced with Rose Quartz chips.

Rose Quartz chips in the Essential Oil Bottle for enhancement.

Rose Quartz Heart Stone for comforting grief.

Rose Quartz is the stone par excellence for healing a broken heart. It helps you to forgive where necessary, to find love for yourself as well as others, and fills your whole being with loving support and spiritual nourishment.

Shungite stone for absorbing and eliminating any negative energies. It accepts any negative feelings and transmutes them into positive beneficial vibes, holding a safe space for you to grieve.

Hidden sorrows and overwhelming grief can wear on the soul, often leaving us feeling hopeless and melancholy. The Blend of Essential Oils offers a grounding and renewing chemical structure to help ward off feelings of grief.

Direction for use included.

Grief Kit $ 17
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