Lab Report

Hagalis Independent Lab Report

This report from the Hagalis Water Lab in Germany scientifically validates NAT Structured Water devices and energetics. Through crystal analyzation, the crystal angles have shifted from 90 degree toxic (left) before structuring, to 60/120 degree healthy (right) after structuring with an NAT House unit. Compare the photos of tap water before structuring (on left), to tap water after structuring (on right).


You will read in this report that after structuring, “There are absolutely no indications of 90 degree angular structures, which would represent toxics or toxic substances.” Furthermore, Hagalis goes on to explain, “Therefore, the sample has achieved a water quality level that is normally only to be found in high-quality natural spring water.”
Thus, this report completely verifies Natural Action Technologies’s Structured Water Units through scientific crystal analyzation. On this research page, we present further evidence that this foundational testing by Hagalis continues to be substantiated through other “Energetic” testing methods (GDV, Acugraph, and Applied Kinesiology), in addition to NAT users’ daily experiences around the world.Thus, the purchaser of NAT products can move forward with confidence in the use of these amazing devices!
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