Hanging Water Gardens

Bring Structured Water Hanging Gardens into  your home.

Surround yourself with beauty and Structured Water at the same time.

Surrounding yourself with Hanging Water Gardens is an easy way to experience a Structured Environment.

Beautiful Hanging Water Gardens.

Structured Water Units have been known to affect gardens, plants and crops up to 1000 feet in all directions. All life will benefit from the addition of Structured Water.

Hang one or more of these beautiful Hanging Water Gardens from Vermont Nature Creations in your home. 

The most elegant, stylish and care-free way to grow a wide variety of plants in water. Grow plants such as ivy, philodendron, spider plants, impatiens, begonias, basil, mint, rosemary… the list goes on and on. Our Vermont Nature Creations hand crafted Hanging Water Gardens™ are an easy way to grow and enjoy plants indoors. No green thumb? No problem. It’s all because of hydroponics. Plants have been growing like this forever. It’s simple — water, air and light. Forget messing with  soil.
Simply connect our Garden Units to any faucet and hook up your hose. Garden products are easily connected to a recreational vehicle for filling water reservoirs while traveling. Great for use on hot tubs too!


Extraordinary results are being obtained by watering plants with Structured Water. Can be used in your greenhouse or on an aqua phonics system.

How does your garden grow?




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Mini Garden  https://structuredwatervortex.com/product/mini-garden-structured-water-unit-dynamically-enhanced/




Large Garden (or RV):  https://structuredwatervortex.com/product/large-garden-rv-dynamically-enhanced/





Water your plants indoors with any of our Portable Units

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