4th Phase of Water


Dr. Gerald Pollack, Professor of Bioengineering at University of Washington, has made amazing breakthroughs while researching water and its properties. Dr. Pollack has earned many distinctions, medals, and honors. His latest book “The Fourth Phase of Water, Beyond Solid, Liquid or Vapor”, defines structured water. His groundbreaking research over the last decade defines water (H2O), and structured water (H3O2), and how the water in your cells impacts your health. We must now think differently about our water.

Water in our cells is not like water in a glass. It’s actually ordered. It’s ordered pretty much like a crystal. Like ice, it excludes particles and solutes as it forms. Structured water forms an exclusion zone that excludes particles and solutes. The only way many of the properties of structured water can be explained is by understanding this water has a unique molecular structure. A hexagonal crystalline structure between water (liquid) and solid.