Well Toxic Relief Drip Line Kit

The Drip Kit drips Structured Water back into your wellhead which in turn structures your Aquifer up to 1000 feet in all directions. All life will benefit from this addition to your well. For use in conjunction with a Natural Action Technologies Structuring Device

The Drip Line Toxic Relief kit adapts to the Whole House Unit, Super Shower and Mini Shower.

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Tanya Memme Talks About Structured Water from Natural Action Technologies on Vimeo.

Don’t understand how it works, don’t care, but I know when it goes through the vortex it tastes different, better”.

E.L. White, Maine

Why Structured Water Vortex?             

“It’s All About the Spin”

Are you drinking the right kind of water?

Water in nature naturally tries to spin. It flows freely over rock and sediment on it’s way downhill. Each time it encounters as obstacle the forward motion curls inward, forming a spiral or vortex. This is one of the ways nature gathers energy and brings water to life

Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water Units flow-form maximizes the action of a mountain stream creating what is referred to in nature, as a double vortex. Meaning, that when you drink a glass of water, or you bathe or shower in water that has flowed through Natural Action Technologies’ Structured Water Units, you are getting the similar energetic, life-enhancing properties, you would find in nature’s water.

This is the kind of water your cells contain; even your extracellular tissues are filled with structured water, which is why it’s so important to drink and bathe in structured water for optimal health.

Drinking the right water can be even more important than drinking more. Drinking Structured Water is cheap insurance. One of the easiest ways to help the body function optimally is to keep it well hydrated. Bathing or showering in Structured Water is also a great way to help hydrate.

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